Here are some other shows you should check out!

Gialloscore – Chris’s super awesome site where math, science and giallo all come together to come up with an amazing rating system that we use on the show! – Where you can find out more about Creep’s Shallow Giallo books.

The Movie Matters Podcast – A great show. They talk about all sorts of films, but I have to say that their episodes on Gialli are probably the best out there. You can find them at

The Hysteria Continues – The best slasher podcast on the planet. Join Justin, Erik, Joseph and Nathan as they chat about slasher films and sometimes even great interviews. Justin was also the guest host on our Eyeball episode which i think was #11.

C.C. Wall – To find out what Creep’s alter-ego, C.C. Wall is doing, check out this site.

CreepersinCast / Crypt of Creepersin – Join Creep (and sometimes Penisgor) as he chats about everything from films to music and all things horror or just whatever the hell he wants to talk about!

100 Years of Horror – The Phantom Erik takes you through every year of celluloid horror and terror with his pal Lester!

Friday the 13th Podcast – Join Creep and Zoe as they go through their favorite franchise to a ridiculous end!

Podcast 451 – Video podcast hosted by Creep and Slasherton illustrator Zoe Humphries as they talk about books, self-publishing and general madness!

The BOOK – Masters of Italian horror return! Find out how you can help be a part of cinematic history and help a giallirific project come together!

Cosi Perversa – Great website covering cult, genre and world cinema. Cultured reviews for seemingly uncultured movies.


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