Creep Creepersin – Author of the Shallow Giallo series of books, filmmaker, musician, all around dude. He loves his giallo like he loves his coffee. Hot and Yellow! Hear Creep on pretty much all the shows on the network.

Gialloscore Chris – Chris has come up with a mathematical system for figuring out just how giallo and giallo is. Freaking Nerd! It’s so awesome! Hear Chris on Giallo Ciao Ciao and Horror Ciao Ciao!

The Phantom ErikĀ – Erik was one of the original hosts of Giallo Ciao Ciao. He lasted 50 episodes but something tells me that we haven’t heard the last of him…

Zoe Wall – Artist of the Slasherton book series and horror artist. You can hear Zoe on Western Ciao Ciao and Criminal Ciao Ciao.

Al Owens – Our Foreign Correspondent. Al makes sure we know what the hell we are talking about when it comes to Italy.

Jason Leisemann – The Wolf Man! Jason has been known to take part in live chats and has also been on a couple episodes of Giallo Ciao Ciao! He’s lurking in the shadows and can strike at anytime!

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