August Calendar of Events and Updates!

Ciao Ciao everyone! I’m so excited to share what’s going on!

August is really the first month of CCN and we have so much in store.

The schedule for this month is as follows:

1st – Cannibal Ciao Ciao #1 – MAN FROM DEEP RIVER

2nd – Criminal Ciao Ciao #1 – BANDITS IN MILAN

3rd – Ciao Ciao Roundtable #1 – Giallo

4th – Ciao Ciao Commentary – EYEBALL

5th – Ciao Ciao Radio – FABIO FRIZZI MIX

8th – Sexy Ciao Ciao – BLUE JEANS

9th – Giallo Ciao Ciao – TRAUMA

11th – Ciao Ciao Commentary

12th – Ciao Ciao Radio

15th – Mondo Ciao Ciao – MONDO CANE

16th – Western Ciao Ciao – D’JANGO

18th – Ciao Ciao Commentary

19th – Ciao Ciao Radio

22nd – Apocalypse Ciao!

23rd – Horror Ciao Ciao – THE CHURCH

25th – Ciao Ciao Commentary

26th – Ciao Ciao Radio

26th – Edwige Tier Skype Call Movie Night!

28th – LIVE Ciao Ciao Roundtable!

That is a ton of stuff!

The Ciao Ciao Papers Issue #1 is finished and will be sent out this week to members of the correct tiers, as well as Zoe Wall’s portrait of Bud Spencer.

Email content, Shallow Giallo ebooks, etc, will be sent out today.

The Shallow Giallo paperbacks are going to take a little longer to get in. We need to approve the proofs once they get here, and then wait for shipment.

One other fun thing that is coming up, is that I will be making Ciao Ciao inspired video games for the website. So, if you like to game, this could really fun.

We are always looking for people who would like to co-host shows, so if any of these sound great, let us know.

Also, we are open to ideas for future topics on Ciao Ciao Roundtable.

I am also thinking about ending the forums on the website and just use this site to converse in that manner. Let me know your thoughts on that idea as well.

Happy August and Ciao Ciao!

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