Giallo Ciao Ciao #39 – Don’t Torture a Duckling


Ciao Ciao! Tonight we went live! We recorded this episode on Google Hangouts, so if we make a bunch of references to things that are visual, we are sorry. Chris is also sorry for his use of the google effects box. Hope you enjoy it, and if you want to…

Giallo Ciao Ciao #38 – The Bat (1959)


Ciao Ciao everyone! Welcome to the show! Tonight, Chris, Erik and I, talk about a proto-giall0 in The Bat starring Vincent Price and Agnes Moorhead. It was a fun little flick but this episode had the most Skype problems of all time which lead to severe edits and a shorter…

Giallo Ciao Ciao #30 – A Blade in the Dark (1983)


Ciao Ciao everyone! Welcome to the episode 30 spectacular! I had to fix all that Facebook mumbo jumbo, but here is the episode in it’s entirety, with limited commercial interruptions! We also do our top 10 of the last 10 list! Make sure you get your lists to us before…

Giallo Ciao Ciao #29 – Blood and Black Lace


Ciao Ciao everybody! Welcome to episode 29! We are tackling the grandaddy of them all, Mario Bava’s masterpiece, Blood and Black Lace! Also, if you want a free copy of Shallow Giallo #1, The Girl with the Crystal Pubis, please send me a message using our contact form and let…

Giallo Ciao Ciao #27 – Perversion Story AKA One On Top Of The Other (1968)


Ciao Ciao everybody! Tonight we do Fulci’s first dab in the genre! The San Francisco based thriller, Perversion Story! We also pick our next three films for you to vote on, on our Facebook page! Enjoy!   Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Giallo Ciao Ciao #23 Slaughter Hotel (1971)

slaughter hotel 2

Ciao Ciao everybody! Creep, Erik and Chris take us on a strange journey with Klaus Kinski this episode. They also do their Top 3 Girls Who Aren’t Edwige! Join the fun! Be sure to join our Facebook group and if you have any comments, we would love to hear from…